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Odd but I like it?
I really can’t decide if I like this or not - it’s an odd scent but really intriguing and interesting at the same time!
Lovely fragrance
So far this is my favourite perfume. Very light, no headaches, smells great. I will reapply about half way through my day.
it's good
it's not my favorite, but I think it's good.
Never received this
I would love to review the scent here except I was sent something completely different. After contacting support 3 times and receiving no answer I’ve given up on ever knowing what it smells like ☹️
Even better than I expected
i have REM by Ariana Grande and B-612 by Nishane. I like both of them separately, but when I combine them, it smells much like this perfume, which is even better. I really like it a lot!
light and powdery
sweet pleasant smell. I really liked this perfume
grandmother perfume
this reminded of something my grandmother would wear. smells like old person .
Love it
This is a winner- spicy but not overpowering- as described
love it
the citrus is more of a background smell it's floral and musk/woodsy forward for me, the smell after it dries down is so nice. it's definitely a very complex perfume, and it's my favorite perfume I've gotten so far. it doesn't last all day and your going to have to reapply.
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