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Memoire Archives
Candle Lit Evening
1722 ratings
Eau de Parfum, Female, $60 Retail value
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0.27 oz vial
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Lace drapes over the table for two, a single rose in a crystal vase. These moments are seen through infatuated eyes, and candle light. Love struck by the thought of love itself, centered in bliss. Live in this moment with notes of rose bouquet, sweet bourbon, and honey.
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Honey’s sweet, golden-amber warmth and spicy aroma have been included in perfumery for thousands of years. Its enticing and smooth texture is both comforting and deeply sensual, making it an ideal note for cozy floral fragrances as well as velvety, dessert scents.  Jasmine, rose, freesia, tuberose, caramel, chocolate, leather (including suede), and sweet citrus notes are excellent companions for honey’s casual decadence.
Fragrance family
Chypre scents are defined as a combination of five notes - citrus (often bergamot), floral (classically, rose or jasmine), woody (often patchouli), oakmoss, amber and/or musk. These timeless, woody fragrances are ideal for charismatic and original personalities who wants to wear unique scents.
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  • Warm37%
  • Sweet16%
  • Light15%
  • Powdery12%
  • Strong11%
  • Fresh5%
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Memoire Archives fragrances capture the essence of time. Embark into their sensory explorations of places and emotions.
Memoire was created through the nostalgia of places gone, and yet to explore.
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