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Floris London
A Rose For
197 ratings
Eau de Parfum, Female, $235 Retail value
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0.27 oz vial
30-day supply of fragrance
An oriental rose of striking beauty, inspired by the affiliation of intense fragility yet powerful scent within the flower.

'A Rose For…’ is unique to the possessor, signifying the personal attachment to scent. Defined by no-one, it is truly for you.
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Incense used as perfume is as old as time itself. Incense notes in a fragrance instantly catapult you into a realm of ancient mystery and devotion. It’s woody, spicy aridity captivates the senses while its variety of aromas could take a lifetime to smell.  From High Mass blends of frankincense and myrrh, to lilting soft florals and serenely dry Asian woods, incense accords create an spiritual altar for your senses.
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  • Strong35%
  • Powdery27%
  • Warm22%
  • Sweet5%
  • Fresh5%
  • Light4%
About the brand
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Standing in the heart of St James’s for nearly 300 years, Floris are proud to be the standard bearers of perfumery expertise in London. Nine generations of perfume creation has taught Floris the emotive power of scent and the skill required to create perfumes of unmistakable quality.

"In 1730 Floris founder Juan Famenias Floris and his wife Elizabeth began selling perfume, combs and shaving products in the elegant quarter of London’s St James. Shortly after his arrival in 1730, he secured premises in Jermyn Street, in the elegant quarter of London's St. James's. Floris initially set up business as a barber shop and comb-maker; however missing the aromas and sensations of his Mediterranean youth, he and his wife Elizabeth began making and selling perfume.

The Floris shop they opened at 89 Jermyn Street remains the heart of the business and is still run by their descendants today.

Floris received their first Royal Warrant as Smooth Pointed Comb Maker to HM The King George IV. Skilfully made combs were a speciality of Floris at this time, along with a collection of toothbrushes and mouthwashes, and greatly valued by the company’s elite clientele.

Over the generations Floris has courted the finest ladies and gentleman of sartorial fashion, movies, music, royalty and leaders throughout the British history of luxury craftsmanship. These include Florence Nightingale, Admiral Nelson, Sir Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe Eva Peron, David Bowie, Ian Fleming, Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Craig, Lawrence Olivier, Cecil Beaton and Beau Brummel."
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Floris London
A Rose For
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