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Gucci reviews
million bucks
so fresh so clean
The bottle was half empty.
It smells go of what was left in the bottle. I am very disappointed after paying an additional price for it.
Panty dropper
Clean scent
Love the clean flowery scent. It doesn’t seem to last though unless you spray your clothes.
Gucci Guilty
Overall I like the scent! It's light & good for everyday wear, but it is a little soft and powdery for my taste because I generally prefer stronger, more masculine scents. But if you like powder fresh type smells, you will love it!
Not the best..
wasn't what I was looking for.. just not for me.
Really liked this one
Wonderful New Perfume
I received my first Scentbird purchase and I am beyond thrilled. I love Gucci Guilty !!! It is a warm, slightly spiced scent that really works wonderfully with my chemistry. I’ve had several people ask if I was the one who smelled so lovely as I past them. I can’t wait to receive my next scent to see if I love it as much as I love this one.
What did you expect…
It’s Gucci 😌
Very nice
The perfume is very nice although not a strong scent and wears off quickly
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