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Loved it
I was worried that this would be either too light or too strong, perfume wears so well throughout the day. It's light enough to linger and delicately capture someone's attention without being overpowering and burning the senses. This is my new go to!
I liked how it wasnt too strongly scentes but lasted a long time .
But of course...
You can never go wrong with Gucci
not as good as the mens
I prefer the calogne
Smells like burnt plutonium.
If you like the smell of nuclear disaster, you will love “Guilty”, a name that I think was inspired by Chernobyl. This goes on smelling like that god awful Angel perfume and then dries down to smell like a horrible fragrance that a boss you hate that has a bad toupee and bad breath would wear. I would spray this on a letter I’m sending to an enemy for sure. Once you get past the nausea and headache you can’t wash it off. One spray and people will say “I think this guy is a serial killer” two sprays and they will want you to kill them right away.
Doesn't last long
I would have given it a 5 star but it didn't last as long as I expected. I know fragrances and there is a reason I do not purchase any that are cheap. The more expensive one's last longer and this one did not. Knowing this I know it is not a high quality fragrance like it indicates it is.
Not as Loud as most Gucci fragrances.
This is a much lighter floral scent. Not the musky LOUD scents like Gucci Guilty. I actually enjoy this one.
Definitely a no
Did not like it at all
Love it
I love you
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