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Clean & Fresh Smelling
This was my first Scentbird scent. It's a nice scent, I don't think it would be offensive to anyone, it's very clean/fresh smelling, not too sweet or musky/woodsy. It's not my fav scent in the world, but that's also just preference. I think it's still nice and I wonder how I'll feel as I continue to use it.
This scent was the right strength but it just didn't sit right with my chemistry. Others who can wear a more 'classic' fragrance would like this.
Love it
Love it - subtle but has staying power
Terrible recommend
Mad I took the recommend on this. It doesn't at all align with my preferences at all. They ain't lie at all when they listed "dewy greens" as a note in this fragrance because thats what it smells like. Not a fan. If you want to smell like a green smoothie- go for it.
Mature and Flowery
I was really looking forward to this scent with notes of amber and bergamot listed, but I got 0 amber. It was very much flowery and would probably be more fitting for someone in an older age category.
Light and sweet
I love lighter slightly floral and sweet smells without being nauseating. This is a nice scent that wasn’t overpowering. I probably would have never picked this for myself so I’m glad I got to try it.
Smells like an old lady
This scent wasnt my favorite it reminds me of an old lady.
Smells good but kinda old
I don't know why but the scent really reminded me of my grandma. It might just be a me problem cause I got my obsession for perfumes from my grandma and she's owns a lot. This reminded me of her cause it's within her scent category. Florally and green. It's like the description. If you like green floral scents you might like this. Personally I don't love it but I'd wear it sometimes
I loved this one!
Too Masculine
Smells like a cologne, not a perfume :(
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