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Your Crash-Course in Color Correcting

Amazingcosmetics® Corrector1

Your Crash-Course in Color Correcting

You ever have one of those blemishes that just won’t disappear, no matter how much concealer you layer over the top? Despite your meticulous blending, somehow, the dark spot becomes even more visible against your complexion. No need to recite Lady Macbeth’s “out damn spot” monologue or abandon hope just yet color correctors can help to conceal the mark in question while it heals. 

Think back to your elementary school art class, namely the portion where your teacher went over the color wheel; Colors on opposite ends of the wheel can neutralize each other, meaning, that angry red pimple can easily be canceled out with a green color corrector, and will be completely hidden once you apply concealer over the top.

Here, we outline how to use color-correctors for every skin tone. 

Deep Skin

Amazingcosmetics® Corrector Medium To Deep

Cancel out any dark circles under your eyes, which can typically veer toward the blue-green end of the spectrum, with an orange-red color corrector. Any greenish-brown hyperpigmentation spots can be cancelled out with an orange tone like the one in Amazing Cosmetics’ Corrector for Medium to Deep skin, then covered with concealer. 

Medium Skin

Amazingcosmetics® Corrector Light To Medium

If the skin around your undereye area tends to get purple or red, the yellow end of Amazing Cosmetics’ Corrector in Light to Medium will neutralize the color while imparting a bright-eyed effect as the base for your concealer. The orange end will help to cancel out any blue-toned spots. 

Fair Skin

Amazingcosmetics® Corrector Fair To Light

Aggressively red spots will instantly be neutralized with a swipe of the green end of Amazing Cosmetics’ Corrector for Fair to Light skin. Use the pale orange end to cover blue tones under the eyes.

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