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The pros' secret weapon, AMAZINGCONCEALER® Corrector instantly neutralizes under eye circles, dark spots and skin discolorations to give you a perfectly balanced and more even complexion. Enriched with vitamin E and cucumber fruit extract, this multi-purpose, highly-concentrated corrector depuffs, softens, and soothes skin as it conceals and corrects. Formulated with ceramide NP which boosts skin renewal and Sodium Hyaluronate which helps the skin retain more of its own moisture, so your complexion looks, feels and stays hydrated. In three color-correcting shade combinations that address every, unique skin tone. <br> <b>How to use:</b><br> Use light orange to neutralize pale blue tones under eye; use green to neutralize red and pink tones typical of blemishes and scarring. <br> Dot a small amount of product onto affected area and blend with fingertips, then apply concealer to completely erase imperfection.<br> <b>Five things that make it special:</b><br> 1. Creamy, dual-sided, and highly concentrated.<br> 2. Neutralizes under eye darkness and helps with all-over spot discoloration.<br> 3. Vitamin E helps to smooth skin's surface for better concealer application while Sodium Hyaluronate helps the skin retain more of its own moisture. <br> 4. Paraben and Sulfate free. <br> 5. Suitable for all skin types <br>

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