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Winter Skin Care Tips for Your Hands

Winter Skin Care Tips for Your Hands

Winter Skin Care Tips for Your Hands

Our hands are one of the first areas to show signs of age, so this year, we’re resolving to take better care of them. Here’s our plan for keeping our hands hydrated, supple and soft in 2018:


If there’s one product you should always keep within reach no matter what the season, let it be hand cream.The best way to treat your skin’s natural barrier is by applying high quality hand creams on the reg. If that post-hand-cream-application slick feel is putting you off, be rest assured that there are lots of options out there that can keep both skin dryness and that dreaded greasy finish at bay.

We recommend trying Scentbird’s first-ever hand cream collection. Unlike the hand creams that are loaded with artificial ingredients, Scentbird hand cream products contain real fruit extracts, conditioning aloe leaf and vitamin-infused oils to help treat loss of elasticity and keep skin hydrated: all the goodness your skin craves.

You can choose between six new hydrating hand creams, each with its own unique fragrance profile.


In order for the hand creams to do their magic, they need a little help from you. To slough off dead skin cells and restore moisture, exfoliation is a must. But since the skin on the hands is thin and delicate, you mustn’t over do it.It’s best to stick to this routine once a week.

For a full on scent-satory experience try SCENTBIRD’s Coconut & Sugar Nourishing Sugar Scrub; Mango & Kiwi Melting Shower Scrub; or Rose & Prosecco Airy Body Polish.


Avoid washing your hands with hot water and drying foams at all costs. Water should be lukewarm and go for gentle, hydrating hand soap.

Nail care:

During the colder months, the cuticles around the nail are especially sensitive, so they require extra TLC. An inexpensive trick is to gently massage cuticles with a drop of olive oil. Olive oil easily penetrates the skin around the nail, helps repair damage and is enough to keep the skin soft and hydrated.


A pair of gloves not only make a great fashion statement, but it will also keep your hands warm and protected from the  elements.

Treat your skin to our first-ever bath & body collection. Made with real fruit extracts, conditioning aloe leaf and vitamin-infused oils, each product is packed with all the goodness your skin craves. None of our products use parabens or sulfates, and all are cruelty free. You can try our bath & body collection as part of your existing subscription, or upgrade to try multiple products each month.

As always, you can stay up-to-date with all our #scentbirdskincare musings and updates on Instagram @Scentbird. We’ll be including some behind-the-scenes coverage working with the team in our New York headquarters. ‘Tis the season for skincare – get softer, hydrated hands this winter.

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