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Depart For the Tropics With Our New Body Washes

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Depart For the Tropics With Our New Body Washes

We promised there was more bath + body products to come…

We’re kicking off 2018 with the addition of two new body washes: Pineapple & White Amber Silky Conditioning Wash and Yuzu & Ginger Gentle Exfoliating Wash. Perfectly crafted to work with your regular shower routine, these two beauties boast tropically delicious scent profiles that will transport you to the islands in the middle of January. Get that shower ready, here are the details you need to know:

Pineapple White Amber Silky Conditioning Wash

Pineapple & White Amber Silky Conditioning Wash

Swatches Pineapple White Amber 081 DonePineapple top notes are layered over a warm amber base, which creates a scent that smells so divine you won’t want to leave your shower. Lather up with our cleansing jelly wash, specially formulated with delicate gold jojoba pearls that melt on the skin. A true sudsy treat, this is our shower go-to.

Perfect match? Pineapple & White Amber hand cream to build the juicy fruity notes, or try with Cucumber & Lotus hand cream for a fresh, everlasting clean feeling.

Swatches Yuzo Ginger 131 DoneYuzu & Ginger Gentle Exfoliating Wash

Yuzu belongs to the citrus family – think fresh pomelo, grapefruit and lemons –  paired with a sprinkle of ginger. The pale zestiness smells subtle at first, but warms with refreshing ginger. It’s the ideal unisex scent, because it smells, well, just like wanderlust. Made with Yuzu extract, ginger root extract and jojoba peals, the scrubbing particles are small enough to make this a great wash for everyday use.

Perfect match? Yuzu & Ginger hand cream for decadent, note on note layering, but we also like it as the base of the Rose & Prosecco hand cream as well as the Earl Grey & Blackberry combination. It adds a shot of brightness to the most sophisticated blends.

Subscribers, Scentbird bath + body products are available as part of your existing subscription. Just add the products to your normal queue.

Scentbird bath + body products can also be purchased a la carte. The new 5 oz body washes are $18 without a subscription.

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