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Try All Scentbird’s Products: 2 for $25


Try All Scentbird’s Products: 2 for $25

White Tea Fig By ScentbirdIt is the absolute best time to try Scentbird’s bath, body and home fragrance collections. That’s because we’re offering any two products for just $25. For a limited time, you can mix and match – in fact, we’d encourage it – products from across categories to customize the best at-home experience for you.

If you can never have too many hand creams, by all means, stock up all at once. Not sure about a certain scent combination – what’s Yuzu exactly, does Earl Grey smell as good as it tastes (the answer is yes) – try it now while the offer is running.Coconut Sugar By Scentbird

If, like us, you’re more than a little obsessed with rose, you could scoop up all the products in that fragrance family (there’s a hand cream, body polish and a candle so you can satisfy all of your super romantic scent cravings). We also have Pineapple & White Amber and Earl Grey & Blackberry fragrance “families”.

Without a subscription, hand creams cost $16.50 apiece, body washes and scrubs are $18, and candles are $22. Yep, you read that right: so this is a mega-deal. Below, we’ve listed a run-down of all the products we carry – and stay tuned, because we’re currently developing many more to come.

Bath: A collection of 3 body washes and 3 scrubs, from jelly cleansers to deep exfoliators.

Body: 6 lightweight super-hydrating hand creams.

Home: Handcrafted in the USA, our 6 candles are made from a slow-burning soy-wax blend.

Lips: 4 super-hydrating, long-lasting lip balms


Check out our run-down of mood-boosting bath and body products, for insider tips on how to get the most out of your favorite scents:

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