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Trending Perfumes in December 20194 min read

12/10/2019 3 min read
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Trending Perfumes in December 20194 min read

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When hopping from the annual office party to all-hours after parties, there is one thing you absolutely need your perfume to be this December: versatile.

This being the season to smell merry, we’ve rounded up the trendiest, most diverse fragrances that you can wear across all of the many events you have scheduled for the holiday season…and beyond.

Apollo Hyacinth by EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh

When smelling your best is an imperative – bumping into exes, bosses, whomever – opt for Apollo Hyacinth . A seductively smooth blend of galbanum , sweet Asian pear, neroli and oakmoss, Apollo’s elegant blend is equal parts green, floral and spicy. This intense perfume complements a hyper-feminine attitude.

MMMM… by Juliette Has A Gun

Looking to turn heads with an aromatic blast of fragrance? MMMM… by Juliette Has A Gun is a perfect pick. A lush concoction of raspberry and sandalwood oscillate vividly around a heart of rich floral notes. Wear this JHAG marvel and notice all of your neighbors going mmmm around you.


Need something stripped back and unique? Just because it’s holiday party season, it doesn’t mean you need an in-your-face fragrance. Your Christmas decorations are flashy, your perfume doesn’t need to be. When in need of a scent that stays close to your skin, reach for So Nude EDP by CoSTUME NATIONAL. With spicy top note and a clean floral finish, this fragrance ticks all the right notes, every single night.

Cleopatra by Tocca

Calling all Queens of Seduction: pay attention to sutry Cleopatra by Tocca. Channeling a megawatt muse is all part of the deal with a quick spritz of Cleopatra. Warm, smooth musk mixes with amber and vanilla with the addition of juicy fruity notes for a pop of brightness. Go bold, go luxe, go with Cleopatra only when you want to bring your a-game.

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