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Trending for Fashion Week: Etat Libre d’Orange Une Amourette



Trending for Fashion Week: Etat Libre d’Orange Une Amourette

Consider the envelope pushed.  All the way off a high cliff, as Etat Libre d’Orange collaborates with edgy French couture designer Roland Mouret (the genius behind the Galaxy dress), to bring us Une Amourette, one of the sultriest scents this already-dangerous line has made yet. Etat Libre d’Orange advises to wear it “first at the pulse point between the thighs” for best effect, and this unapologetically bold scent wastes no time in getting your full attention.

Une Amourette is French for “quick love affair”, and the urgency coiled in this fragrance has no time for opening lines or clever conversation. It’s loaded with iris, vanilla, incense, and a unique distillation of patchouli known as akigalwood that injects a strong, unmistakeable hot leather accent — not for the quiet or introverted.

But for the rest of you, Une Amourette is a no-nonsense, indolic, and intimate fragrance that hisses with “right here, right now” sensuality, and it’s an unforgettable ride for nights when introductions and social limits are left at the door.


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