Say goodbye to summer (cry!) and stock up on new-season fragrance must-haves.

From Etat Libre d`Orange’s racy Une Amourette to Montale’s musky undertones in Pure Gold (you’ll be spritzing it well into the cold months – trust us), there are a lot new arrivals on site that are just perfect for your Fall fragrance rotation.

Check out the scents you want to add to your queue now:

Une Amourette by Etat Libre d`Orange

Etat Libre d’Orange collaborated with edgy, French fashion designer Roland Mouret, creator of the iconic Galaxy dress, to present this no-holds-barred perfume. Bright, soaring neroli quickly turns into a sensual feast of iris, incense, and leather tones. A gliding vanilla note further tempts you into a midnight world where limits are left behind.

Pure Gold by Montale

Pure Gold’s luminous orange blossom, bursting apricots, bright neroli, and deep jasmine create a profoundly sensual and playful floral that is ideal for every day wear or flirtatious date nights. This tropical and sweet fragrance ends on a luscious vanilla, sheer musk and bewitching patchouli base.

Aoud Forest by Montale

Montale’s Aoud Forest features a blend of marine notes against a spiky oud texture and elegant touches of pale rose and ginger in the heart. Grapefruit zest and aromatic rosemary top notes contrast the heart’s translucent spices, and the bright, breezy musk base carries the scent away on a light gust of wind.

LX48 by Caswell-Massey

ScentbirdLX48 refers to Caswell-Massey’s iconic store on Lexington Avenue and 48th St. in NYC. This fragrance blends leather, tobacco, cedar, and oakmoss into a powerful and uniquely confident statement.

London by English Laundry

The beauty and majesty of London inspires this spicy and fruity English Laundry release. Juicy blackberries, sticky-sweet pineapple, and fresh red apple accents juniper’s dry, tonic-like feel and patchouli’s herbal warmth. Soft jasmine and vanilla-infused musk recline against a velvety oakmoss base. Try this to remember London as you left it, or wear this to envision it as your fantasy, urban paradise.

Arrogant by English Laundry

True arrogance is the lack of it. When you are as composed, on-point, and together as you can be, everything reflects your sense of calm and confidence. English Laundry’s Arrogant fuses sheer bergamot and cedar wood with a polished lavender and coriander heart for the ultimate in approachable sophistication.

About Last Night by Confessions Of A Rebel

Inspired by late nights downtown, this is a bold exclamation of scent, featuring a cocktail of sparkling bergamot, pink pepper and red grapefruit. Powdery vetiver, sustainably harvested in Haiti, intoxicates the senses with cold-pressed mandarin oil and energetic spices that last from dusk till dawn.

Get A Room by Confessions Of A Rebel

All heat and plenty of skin: forbidden apple is layered with mandarin and stripped down woody notes. A sensual medley of vanilla, praline and a touch of spice send your heart skipping a beat – and then some. Draw the blinds, bolt the door, this is gonna get good.

Moscow Mule by Juliette Has A Gun

Juliette Has a Gun’s Moscow Mule packs one hell of a kick. This strong scent cocktail combines tangy, bright lime with coppery ginger over elegant and dry sandalwood. It’s classic, aromatic appeal is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a refreshing and retro style in fresh fragrances.

Vanille Banane by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Comptoir Sud Pacifique’s Vanille Banane will have you craving banana daiquiris by the dozens. Bright oranges, sweet banana and whipped cream explode over a green-hued clover and banana leaf heart. As you order another round at sunset, the rich rum and vanilla dry down will carry you off into the night.

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