TOP 3: Energy Pick-Me-Ups for Monday

Energy Upgrade Scentbird 2

TOP 3: Energy Pick-Me-Ups for Monday

Not feeling ready to tackle this whole week ahead? We hear you. To help you jumpstart Monday(s) we’ve rounded up our top 3 energy pick-me-ups. Think yummy gummy bears, stress-relieving capsules and mood boosting tea. You’ve totally got this!

Shop our energy upgrade picks below, and browse Scentbird’s entire wellness catalog here: https://www.scentbird.com/wellness

MATCHA BEARS Matcha Bears Strawberry & Hemp

Energy Upgrade Scentbird 2

Energy boost without the jitters, taste great, vegetarian and vegan-friendly, made with the highest quality matcha tea and hemp oil: these matcha bears are childhood dreams coming true… And since we’re not one-bite-and-done snack kind of people, we’re happy to tell you that you can enjoy a handful of them in a day (2-8 gummies). 

To add this product to your queue, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/wellness/energy-upgrade/matcha-bears-matcha-bears-strawberry-hemp-1506

HATH Better Days Capsules

Energy Upgrade Scentbird 3

A super-healthy mix of 25mg hemp extract, 500mg turmeric, and 10mg black pepper extract, these capsules make for a powerful, anti-inflammatory combo. THC-free hemp extract aids muscular function, appetite and stress management, enabling a more relaxed state of mind.

To see more about this product or to add it to your queue, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/wellness/energy-upgrade/hath-better-days-capsules-1388

BIKINI CLEANSE Green Super Tea Blend

Energy Upgrade Scentbird

Like coffee, only better: Green Super Tea Blend. Relying on the powers of not one but three super herbs: Japanese green sencha leaf, yerba mate and stone-ground matcha green tea, this tea boosts your energy levels, improves immunity, gut health and metabolism.

Find out more about the product and the brand behind it on this link: https://www.scentbird.com/wellness/energy-upgrade/bikini-cleanse-green-super-tea-blend-1395

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