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Feel better every day with HATH Better Days Capsules.<br><br> Looking for a daily defense against life’s inevitable curveballs? Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Wish every day felt a little bit more like Friday?<br><br> HATH Better Days Capsules are their version of “an apple a day…”<br><br> Made with 25mg hemp extract, 500mg turmeric, and 10mg black pepper extract, Better Days are designed to be your preventative solution for the everyday stress and strains generally associated with being human.

HATH Better Days Capsules rating and reviews

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Energy Capsules.
I’ve only taken about half of the 30 day supply and the more regulated it becomes in my system the more I think I notice a difference day to day. I’d definitely like to try this for a more extended period of time to get a better idea of how it really works and helps to increase my energy and focus day to day.