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This Must-Have Wellness Brand Is Good as GOLDE



This Must-Have Wellness Brand Is Good as GOLDE

You can’t go into a coffee shop in NYC now without smell the soothing, fragrant aroma of trendy golden milk latte, so when we first discovered Golde, the Brooklyn-based brand beloved for its turmeric tonics, we couldn’t wait to take a taste. We caught up with Golde’s CEO Trinity Mouzon Wofford to talk superfood-boosted essentials, accessible wellness and recipes, recipes, recipes!

1. Can you tell us how you started your company? What was the impetus?

The vision for Golde was born from my own experience as a consumer in the wellness space, feeling sort of caught between the “crunchy/granola” wellness stuff and the ultra-luxe category that felt totally inaccessible to me. We talk a lot about the idea that being well should feel good — it doesn’t need to be another stressor or unrealistic beauty standard. All of our products are totally natural, but they’re fun, easy and effective too.

2. Why turmeric? What are the benefits associated with it?

We launched with our turmeric tonic blends after I experienced turmeric’s anti-inflammatory power firsthand. It’s really incredible for your skin — it promotes a glow, and can even clear up breakouts. It’s also great for gut health if you’re dealing with bloating or indigestion, and can help with muscle recovery post-workout! Today we offer a suite of products across an array of superfoods, but turmeric continues to be one of my all-time favorites for beauty and wellness.

3. Are there certain times of day that are best to take turmeric?

I love to use our tonic blends night and day. The Matcha Golde blend does have caffeine, so I usually choose that one first thing in the morning. The Cacao blend has a negligible caffeine content so it’s great to use at any time of the day — cacao is actually a natural stress reliever so it’s really nice to have in the evening.

4. What are some of your favorite turmeric based recipes?

I love to use our tonic blends just with hot water actually — the coconut milk powder in the blends makes a really creamy drink just with water. They’re also yummy in warm milk or blended up into your favorite smoothie. The Cacao blend is amazing in coffee, it creates an instant mocha with wellness benefits!

For more ideas on how to incorporate Golde’s tonic blends into a healthy diet, check out the brand’s recipes .

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