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MAKE Over Your Beauty Routine

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MAKE Over Your Beauty Routine

Celebrating personal expression, Make Beauty is slowing down the relentless churn of new-products-now to take a softer approach to the personal-care routine. With a focus on artistry and staying true to one’s authentic self, Make encourages all to take pay attention to their own imagination, where – and how – it wonders, and draw inspiration from there. The brand’s line of multi-tasking wonders let you customize your beauty in a way that feels fun, easy, and, above all, true. All Make products are paraben-free, not tested on animals and made in New York.

Here are some of our fave products now on Scentbird:


Universal Stick: Lip, cheeks, and even eyes? Yes, yes and yes. Make Beauty Universal Stick is a vegan sheer stain that blooms when you rub it into the skin. The brand suggests adding it to a gloss or lip color to create a jewel tone shade, but we also love it for a solo sweep on the cheeks to hit all of your best angles.

Wear when: you have little time, but need to slay.

Make Beauty Marine Salve

Marine Salve: Super-concentrated, Make’s Marine Salve is a gender-neutral hero that soothes cracked, dry and irritated skin. Infused with ultra-rich oils and butters, this gentle ointment envelops skin in a protective cocoon to nourish and protect against pollution, heavy metals and free radical damage.

Wear when: your skin could use a little TLC

Make Beauty Bisou Bisou Lip Cheek Stick

Bisou Bisou Lip & Cheek Stick: Infused with vitamins C and E, this cheek hero conditions and hydrates while offering great color payoff – a feat for a vegan product. Super versatile, this go-anywhere blusher adds a warm, buildable flush across the cheeks or lips.

Where when: you’re going for a cozy, wind-flushed look

Make Beauty Moonlight Primer

Moonlight Primer:This one’s actually amazing. A vegan and silicone-free hydrating gel that goes on before your makeup to moisturize and prep the skin, Make’s innovative primer protects against the harmful, artificial light from tablets, smartphones and laptops (prediction: there will be many similar products to come – but Make was ahead of the curve). Made with a marine algae that protects against free radicals, pollutions and heavy metals, the Moonlight Primer not only mattifies the skin but helps prevent skin damage from the light emitted from technology.

Wear when: you’re going to use a phone, computer, tablet or any kind of screen….so, now.

Don’t forget, members have access to all full-size makeup and skincare products, from just $14.95/month.

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