The Scent of Creativity: POUR UN HOMME SPORT by William Fraysse

William Fraysse

The Scent of Creativity: POUR UN HOMME SPORT by William Fraysse

Each drop of fragrance is a triumph of elaborate visionary design. Today we are honored and pleased to share with you a glimpse into to the olfactive world of William Fraysse, a top perfumer and the creator of POUR UN HOMME DE CARON SPORT. In this exclusive blog post, Fraysse shares his personal insights into the creation of this marvelous fragrance and his passion for beautiful fragrances:

The Scent of Creativity: POUR UN HOMME DE CARON SPORT by William Fraysse

“Revisiting a classic like POUR UN HOMME DE CARON was a real challenge. I decided to start with a clean slate and not allow myself to be influenced by the raw materials in the original version.

My creative work began with the top note, which I imagined as very aromatic and refreshing. The resulting top notes marry green lavender absolute (in a nod to the original version) with the grapefruit/Italian green mandarin accord, which brings vitality and freshness. A touch of Indian verbena counterbalances these two accords.

For the middle notes of the fragrance, I drew my inspiration from one of my favourite raw materials, the magnificent and very masculine cedarwood. To add originality to the creation and break from the well-trodden paths that many perfumers often take, I decided to marry cedar with another wonderful material: blue ginger from Madagascar. It has different facets from the classic ginger essential oils – it has a very fresh note with accents that blend perfectly with the touch of lavender in the top notes. A touch of Indonesian nutmeg works like an orchestra conductor to link this symphony of accords together.

For the base notes, I decided to reproduce the feel of the vanilla base in the classic version (without using the same components), with a very precise dose of Siamese benzoin absolute and Brazilian tonka bean to bring warmth and softness. To finish off the composition, the last raw material had to provide flair and finesse. I therefore chose to add an infusion of real ambergris…

It was a true pleasure and an honour for me to give POUR UN HOMME its Sport version. The total freedom that Caron gave me in choosing the raw materials helped me a great deal with the creative process. Such freedom is very rare for perfumers today.”

Pourunhomme Sport Bottle

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