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Love Earl Grey & Blackberry? Try Scentbird’s Collection


Love Earl Grey & Blackberry? Try Scentbird’s Collection

Black tea is brilliant for snuggling up or chilling out, which is why we’ve created a tea-infused  fragrance family of Scentbird product that spans bath, body and home aroma, like candles. We’ve brighted this soothing scent up with bright tangy notes of bergamot  A burst of blackberry.

So, you know we’re kind of hung up on fragrances, but our Earl Grey collection is packed with all the perks of  of black tea and blackberry fruit extract, so make sure you check out the products we’ve got lined up for you in the edit below:

SCENTBIRD Earl Grey & Blackberry Hand Cream

Scentbird Notes Earlgreyblackberry 1 WebStart the day with super-smooth hands – that never feel greasy!  Our lightweight hand cream smells a little like fresh-picked berries, underscored with aloe leaf to bestow a velvety, hydrated finish. No excess residue, just a deeply moisturizing formula that fits in your bag!

SCENTBIRD Earl Grey & Blackberry Foaming Shower Cream

Hands Earl Grey Blackberry 240This one’s an office fave – for men and women! That’s because our Foaming Shower Cream lathers up and smells divine – bergamot mingles with  lemon zest to refresh the tea notes here, and contains vitamin E, which is renowned for its rehydrating properties.

Used daily, this shower cream captures moisture and leaves skin ultra-smooth and silky.

SCENTBIRD Earl Grey & Blackberry Candle

Power Of ScentsGot a candle craving? We’ve got your fix. Our hand-poured Earl Grey & Blackberry is slow-burning (read: long lasting) and will refresh any rainy day vibes. It’s a chic at-home aroma, both cozy and surprisingly vibrant.  

Burn once, be addicted forever.

The cotton wick ensures the wax burns evenly for 40-plus hours of scent-sational fragrance.

Stay tuned, and follow us on Instagram @scentbird for more behind-the-scenes scoops.


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