Omnia Crystalline Scentbird

My creation was inspired by the way the light is being broken by edges of finest crystals. They named me Omnia Crystalline.

If you wonder why I am the perfect pick for a museum round, let me tell you this, I am an artist.

I am as elegant as a painting by Michelangelo, I am as sophisticated the brush strokes employed by Rembrandt.

I am just as airy and dreamy as the starry night painting you admire.

My owner is addicted to Oxford shoes and has stars tattooed in her eyes.  She is a dreamer, an art major at the University of Life.

Omnia Crystalline Scentbird

Her coffee table is littered with art books, which she knows by heart. Her heart skips a beat when she comes across a new piece she has not seen before.

Beauty is her muse.

My DNA collage is colorful, concocted by notes of lotus, musk, black tea, bamboo, and Guaiac wood.