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Take Me to Museum: Pure DKNY Verbena by Donna Karan2 min read

08/07/2015 < 1 min read

Take Me to Museum: Pure DKNY Verbena by Donna Karan2 min read

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My name is Pure DKNY Verbena.

I am clean, fresh, crispy yet latently sweet. There is plenty of freshness, but nothing bitter about me.

If you ever think of going to a museum, please take me with you. I will never leave your presence, yet I will have a profound effect on your intellectual reflection about the beauty that will literary surround you on every corner.

I love art. I appreciate clean lines and fresh starts. Apply a bit of me on the nape of your neck, and the heat of your body will radiate my olfactory perfection all around you, like an intellectual aura.

But, if we are really being honest here, I have to tell you that I already have an owner.

She is powerful, and knows that a life spent without indulging in beauty is a life spent in vain.

Her apartment is an altar to art. She meditates while riding in the subway and reads books on metaphysics. She is the renaissancewoman.

She loves me because of my edge: it is clean and nature inspired. My true character mirrors one day on our planet: I am garden-fresh as a dawn, yet warm as a sun shining high on the horizon, once I pick up speed.

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