Hello, my name is Viva La Juicy Noir. I am cheeky, classic sexy sweet and I am the ultimate party companion.

You are probably well acquainted with my older sister, which is quite a sensation. I am a darker, more opulent spin-off of her beloved qualities: The clue’s in the name!

I come with all the glamour and popularity you would expect from Juicy Couture: inside and out!

My pronounced feminine scent is a blend of ripe berry notes with emphasis on gourmand, with a juicy touch of honeysuckle and sandalwood that settles beautifully on the skin, while my decadent, bold, black bow embellished pink flacon makes quite a statement on the dressing-table.

The combination makes for a beautifully feminine scent that doesn’t feel as heavy or sickly as traditional gourmand perfume, yet the enticing quality is undeniably present in my fragrant concoction.

If you take me to a party, please let me do all the introduction. When you are in my company, people immediately think you are a force to reckon with, in a good way. With your smoky eyes and red scarlet lips, you invite people to unveil your mystery.

I will complement all the flavors on the dinner table, my caramel and vanilla notes will make friends with the cinnamon apple pie, while my ripe berries will take a splash in the tongue-kissing bubbles of the champagne.

Yes, take me to a party and let me show you how good of a time you can have!


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