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Take Me to Beach: Burberry Summer by Burberry2 min read

07/23/2015 2 min read

Take Me to Beach: Burberry Summer by Burberry2 min read

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Burberry Summer Scentbird

My name is Burberry Summer.

Unlike my other olfactory cousins, whose popularity reaches sky high levels during the summer, I am not all about fun, parties, beaches, sand and cocktails.

I am an incurable romantic. You will probably catch a whiff of me as you will pass by my owner on her way to ballet.

She keeps her hair long and braids it every night before sleep, so her curly waves fall recklessly all over her shoulders the next morning. And just before she curls with her dog-eared copy of Jane Eyre, she sprays just a bit of my essence on her wrists, so Bronte’s words come alive by my presence.

And she awakes with me kissing her skin, like a mantra that sticks to the mind.

I love summer because of the colors of the sky, when the day awakens from its beauty sleep: opal, pinks, and aquamarines woven seamlessly together. I told you already, I am a romantic.

Buberry Summer Scentbird Notes

Many women find me shy, as I reserve my fruity sorbet character for the ones who come close for a hug…I am not loud, but beautifully understated.

I also love working together as a team with other fragrances, especially being layered with yummy vanilla scent.

Yes, I love being taken to the beach. And work. And parties. And after-parties. To workout. To romantic strolls. To summer, love-inception dates.

I am the perfect pick for the woman ideal summer is composed of long strolls on small Mediterranean islands, lemonades with the loved ones, ice cubes diving in glasses filled with fruity cocktails, bouquets riding on rickety bicycles, soft manicured nails, small sand rocks hiding in romance novels and open toed sandals echoing on cobblestones.

My DNA consists of pomegranate floral notes, and my sassy edge is from the surprising woody notes.

Are you ready to be my true friend and discover my true essence?

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