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Summer and Spice Make For a Cologne That Smells Real Nice

Spicy Colognes


Summer and Spice Make For a Cologne That Smells Real Nice

Warm, exotic and romantic, spices are guaranteed spirit raisers even when they are not part of the mulled wine and fireplace mix. What’s more, spicy colognes tend to develop an intriguing depth on a heated skin, especially on a romantic summer date night.

Summer and Spice Make For a Cologne That Smells Real Nice, Or Three Of Them To Be Precise:

Pour Homme EDT by Versace

Pour Homme Edt By VersacePour Homme Edt By VersacePour Homme EDT is a combination of selected and trusted ingredients that give any man a modern and desirable look.

This spicy perfume is brought to you by Italian powerhouse Versace. The cologne silently but persistently gives you a very attractive feel for many hours, and is recommended for nighttime use.

Inspired by the Mediterranean, Pour Homme is a blend of aromatic citruses, combined with spicy tonka bean, musk and amber notes. These unique ingredients form a powerful and intoxicating scent perfect for seduction taking place during the dog days of summer.

John Varvatos EDT by John Varvatos

Geared towards the casual gentleman, John Varvatos EDT spiced up woodsy scent radiates warmth and relaxed vibes.John Varvatos Edt By John Varvatos

Powerful, intriguing and  masculine, the cologne embraces the sweetness of fig and plum like a soft side to its otherwise asserted manly exterior. All the while the precious and exotic spices burning on the base of woods speak of unmistakingly manly fragrant presence.

Rich and reassuring, John Varvatos EDT comes dangerously close to becoming that one fragrance that comes to your mind as soon as someone mentions the word party. Or smooth lover. Your pick!

This Is Not A Blue Bottle Eau de Parfum by Histoires de Parfums

Adhering to the golden standards of cologne and breaking all the rules is the true message of This Is Not A Blue Bottle Eau de Parfum by Histoires de Parfums. A deep rich, sexy, majestic scent that hints at luxury and undeniable style.This Is Not A Blue Bottle By Histoires De Parfums

Rarely you will find a cologne as unique, indescribable and captivating at once as this one from Histoires de Parfums. It’s drenched in a French unique “I am sexy and I know it” way. Mixing aldehydes and cheerful orange zest is the safe way to be greeted by a manly cologne, however by mixing in honey and geranium in the heart with musk, patchouli and amber in the base you get an unexpected evocative cologne that will help you win that yummy smelling award in the sexiest way possible.

Goin places? So are these next-level colognes and cologne trends – the major flower power notes, amped-up citruses and mellowed out spices. So Extra. And with Scentbird’s sleek case, whichever one you go for, it can really go everywhere with you.

The best summer colognes, for you!


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