Step Up Your Self-Care Game with Pursoma

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Step Up Your Self-Care Game with Pursoma

Sometimes, the inside-out approach works best. As founder of Pursoma, a range of detox bath soaks, Shannon Vaughn takes this method to heart with her 360 attitude to self-care. The range has just landed on, so we caught up with Vaughn to find out why she decided to start the brand, her favorite products, and more in the below interview.

1.Prior to starting Pursoma, you were a model — what made you want to branch out and launch your own brand?

After working in fashion I explored many different lines of work in different areas of interest. I lived in the middle east for nearly a decade and spent a lot of time working on digital navigation systems, creating maps and guides for things to do in different cities in the gulf region. When I returned to the USA, I enrolled full time as a student and earned a duel degree with a major in philosophy and minor in ancient math and sciences. During school I became really ill, and sought alternative remedies to heal myself, with tremendous success I decided I wanted to create a company that made wellness products aimed at detox and self rejuvenation – after a brief stint at Georgetown med school , I withdrew, moved to nyc and started pursoma

2. What was it about bath soaks that you found intriguing?

It’s not the bath soak, its about the bath being a vessel to heal the body. You are immersed in warm or hot water which feels nurturing to the human since we grew as babies immersed in water.

The bathwater opens all your pores, and whatever potent and healing ingredients you pour into the bath, they are absorbed, that’s why pursoma works so hard to source all of our own ingredients directly with farmers and bring them fresh to the customer. 

3. What was the process like in seeking out these potent detox ingredients for the range?

It was creating formulas that were both detoxifying and relaxing to the body and then finding where the best ingredients for these formulas originated, and then going there; to the location.

4. What are your three favorite products from the line, and why?

I love the digital detox, It is strong and detoxifying and speaks to the necessity to disconnect and unplug. I am crazy about our new body oil pursoliel, the caladula flowers were grown at the pursoma farm and then harvested and dried and distilled into the oil.

Lastly I love our just breathe ritual , its a sinus clearing , senses open overload of essential oils which are infused into the grey sea salts , its sold in 2019 to ulta.

5. What can we expect in the future from Pursoma?

We are working now with line extensions that focus on everything to do with the bath ritual , pre bedtime we all could use more deep sleep. 

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