Egg Mousse: the Gamchanger Your Skin Needs

Egg Mouse Pack

Egg Mousse: the Gamchanger Your Skin Needs

Hey skincare lovers, do you know there’s a breakfast staple vying for space in your bathroom cabinet? Oh yes, eggs are now one of beauty’s favorite ingredients. Like an omelet for your face, eggs offer a cocktail of impressive skin benefits, including hydrating, toning and nourishing gains. 

Albumin, a type of protein which is found in egg whites can eliminate blackheads and tighten pores. The yolk is packed with proteins + fatty acids, which are great for retaining moisture and protection against free radicals. If you add up the fact that eggs can also tighten up sagging skin, we can all agree its moment in the sun is well deserved. 

Before you turn to Google and start browsing “DIY egg masks” there’s already a Korean skincare brand that puts all of their eggs in one basket, or rather product: the Egg Mousse Pack. 

Egg Mouse Pack

The leading advocate of smooth-like-egg-shell complexion is Too Cool For School, which launches at this month with its amazing, amazing product. If this is the first time you’ve heard of the brand, let us introduce you. Too Cool For School is an artistic cosmetic brand focused on breaking the rules. The brand is known for its masterpiece products which are a fusion of quality and utmost creativity, courtesy of many renowned Korean artists. 

Their most popular product, Egg Mousse Pack is a whipped foam mask that restores radiance and smooths skin in five minutes only. Thanks to its combination of whipped egg whites and yolks, the mask purifies, brightens and hydrates skin, leaving it silky smooth to touch. Definitely a product that whips up our enthusiasm.  To add it to your queue, click here

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