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Sophistication in 3 Steps: English Laundry

English Laundry


Sophistication in 3 Steps: English Laundry

Much like their sophisticated manners are a true and proper English trademark, English Laundry’s colognes are elegant and luxurious, yet infused with a great dose of charm and mischief. 

The Scentbird HQ has its own favorites, but this time we’ve decided to crunch some data and uncover the English Laundry colognes our Scentbird tribe is loving right now.

Consider yourselves heard Scentbirdies; These three English Laundry colognes are the ones you have been adding to your queue and your rotation again and again. 

Embark on a journey into English Laundry’s most bold and daring fragrances: 

English Laundry Throne

English Laundry

Get next in line for the Throne, because out of all the scents in your lineup, this juicy and exotic cologne takes the crown.

We tried to come up with our own way of explaining how Throne toes the line between refinement and roguery, and we think this fits the bill perfectly:

Imagine the most poised, competent person you know hailing from England, with their gorgeous accent telling the most salacious and witty joke you’ve ever heard, and you’ll get the gist.

Let us know how right we are in the comment section below. For those of you yet to try Throne, expect all of this, and then some:

Bergamot is tart and fresh, jasmine is the sweet-talker, and cedarwood and oakmoss are warm, soft, and deal the final blow in Throne’s seduction technique. Sorry not sorry, but you can’t resist your claim to the Throne.

Plus, you might want to know you’re in good company: With a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating on our website, many have fallen to its spells. 

Try it with Scentbird here

English Laundry Crown

English Laundry

Aromatic, woody, and fresh, neatly wrapped in an abundance of English charm, Crown is sophistication personified.

Crown is a play between freshness and warmth, accomplished by a blend of just-squeezed fruit smoothie: think and thank lemon, grapefruit, and apple. The zesty and tart opening is softened by an aromatic heart, quickly followed by the real smooth operator: warm amber, dry oakmoss, and soft musks dry down. 

A spritz of Crown and manners is a prerequisite to any true gentlemanship. 

Try it with Scentbird here

English Laundry Oxford Bleu

English Laundry

A cologne that plays it cool with citrus notes, but brings up the heat with vetiver, vanilla, and sandalwood. An experience you won’t soon forget is the brand’s promise, and for the first time in forever, this is one threat you’ll love when it comes true. 

Try it with Scentbird here

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