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Sleeping masks vs night creams: which one(s) is better for your skin?

Sleeping Masks

Sleeping masks vs night creams: which one(s) is better for your skin?

Admit it. Sometimes, doing your entire skincare routine can feel like a chore. Luckily, a sleeping mask is one product that can do the heavy lifting while you catch some Z’s. With pillow-proof formulas, gentle textures, zero tightness and mess (looking at you clay mask), these multi-taskers give the term beauty sleep a whole new meaning — but don’t toss your night cream just yet.

Richer and heavier than their daytime counterparts, night creams help kick-start the skin’s reparative functions during sleep, like collagen production, while addressing early signs of aging. Sleep masks, on the other hand, usually follow a layer of serum or face oil, and their job is to seal in moisture and condition skin. But the question remains — which one is right for your skin?

For optimal results, you should use BOTH night cream and sleeping mask alternately. The masks should be applied two to three times a week, and your night cream when you’re giving the sleep masks some time off.

We’ve put together a list of our favorites, sure to become regulars in your own skincare lineup.


Moonstone Hydrating Sleeping Mask by Scentbird

Every now and then, we all could use a little help in the dewy, lit-from-within glow department. Our Moonstone mask will do just that. Concocted with hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture, crushed moonstone crystals to infuse skin with radiance and fresh water lily for silky, supple skin, there’s so much to rap about this special mask.

Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask

Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask by Glow Recipe

Dry patches and dullness are no match for this uber-moisturizing skin savior. Made with avocado, honey, and Polyhydroxy Acid, it gives your skin the boost of hydration it needs.

Hydrate Revitalizing Jelly Night Treatment By Nuria

Hydrate Revitalizing Jelly Night Treatment by Nuria

Its deep blue color comes from bilberry, a nourishing ingredient that helps retexturize rough skin. You’ll also find gardenia and spring snowflake to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, especially around the eyes and lips.

Peptide Night Recovery Cream Oil By Elemis

Peptide Night Recovery Cream Oil by Elemis

Somewhat of a skincare unicorn, this Elemis night time hero fuses the hydration powers of a moisturizer with all the nourishment and protection properties of a face oil. The result? Healthier, revitalized, vibrant skin. Closest thing to the fountain of youth.


Beauty Sleep Youth Restoring Night Cream by Supermood

Fact: This night cream has become a regular staple of ours since it landed at Scentbird HQ. Packed with premium sea fennel stem cell extract and vitamins, it has a rich, luxurious texture and seriously thirst quenching qualities. Add it to your queue before the word gets out and the Out of Stock message appears on your screen.

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