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Eat your way to fabulous skin with Sundaily

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Eat your way to fabulous skin with Sundaily

Founded in January 2018, Sundaily represents the next generation of a health oriented, ingestible skincare company. We’ve had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Emilia Javorsky, co-founder of the brand, who explains why Sundaily just might be the answer to all your skincare issues. Keep scrolling for some highlights of our convo:

1.What inspired you to start the Sundaily brand?

Coming from the dermatology research world, I saw that there was great science supporting the use of ingestible products to support skin health, but that the science was not syncing with the products available in the consumer space. Sundaily was formed on the premise of bringing science-backed ingredients for skin health to consumers in a format that was easy-to-use and enjoyable, which is why we chose to make gummies!

2.What are the benefits of edible skin supplements vs. applying physical products?

Edible skin supplements provide a whole-body tool to help take care of skin from the inside out, complementing the benefits of topical products. In contrast, topical products mainly work where we apply them, in the top layers of skin. Edible products can help support whole body skin health, and help skin resist the effects of free radical damage, which lead to the visible signs of skin aging over time. Much like hydration and a healthy diet, evidence-based edible products are another tool to help take care of our skin holistically.

3.How long did it take to develop a formula that lived up to your expectations? What was your process like?

It took us about 9 months to develop our first gummy that was up to our standards. We rigorously vetted potential ingredient suppliers, working with independent labs in both the commercial arena and also academic, including Worcester Polytechnic Institute, to select the highest quality products. The raw botanical ingredients that go into our products have a pretty unappetizing taste in their natural state, so the next step was a lot of work to get the botanicals into a gummy and use natural flavors to titrate the taste to a place where the gummy was something tasty and enjoyable that people would look forward to taking.

4.Should one still use physical products in addition to the edible components?

Yes, taking care optimal of our skin requires a holistic approach. It’s what we put in our bodies, our lifestyle, and of course, what we put on our bodies, or traditional topical products. There are many topical products backed by strong science for their benefits for skin health. The foundation remains prevention in the form of daily sunscreen use. Other topical ingredients with data for helping to protect and repair skin include retinoids (vitamin A derivatives) and many antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, and niacinamide.

5.The Base Layer gummies in particular claim to fight damage caused by UV light — would you advise continuing to use a physical sunscreen to complement its benefits?

Absolutely! The Base Layer is not a replacement for sunscreen, it’s an additive tool in our sun protection toolkits to help protect our skin against free radical damage caused by sunlight. Everyone should use sunscreen as part of their daily routine, with a strong preference for physical sunscreens, meaning those that use zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as their active ingredient. Sunlight is the #1 environmental stressor in terms of the toll it takes on our skin health, so we shouldn’t forget about other strategies as well, such as UPF clothing, hats, and seeking shade during peak sun hours.

6.Can you give us a hint on what to expect in the future from Sundaily?

There’s a lot of R&D happening in the Sundaily pipeline. In the near term, we’re going to be expanding our line of gummies to address additional skin care concerns using the same principles for ingredient selection that informed our current products. To be included in our products ingredients must be: (1) clinically studied in humans for skin health with results published in peer-reviewed publications and (2) not broadly available from our diet. We’ll also be continuing to use organic ingredients whenever possible, and ensuring all of our future products remain vegan!

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