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Scented Niche Marvel: Indigo by Nest

Indigo By Nest Perfume

Scented Niche Marvel: Indigo by Nest

Indigo By Nest Perfume

A chic, refined, and modern take on the balmy woody category, Indigo permeates various fragrance genres like an olfactory dilettante.

Indigo by Nest honors the amazing artistic visuals of 18th century artist Mary Delany, best known for her intricately comprehensive presentation of paper-cut mosaics of plants and flowers, and the craft that surrounds them.

Combining complexity and freshness, gentleness and power, this unexpectedly organized fragrant structure amazes you through its enduring fluctuation between the sweetness of fig, the freshness of bergamot, the spiciness of tea and the depth of cashmere wood and cardamom.

A perfume that captures the undeniably sweet personality of the fig without falling for the juicy sweet, syrupy, juvenile cliché.

An extremely naturalistic herb and woody effect is produced through a sensual cashmere wood, with tart touches from bergamot and cardamom, set against the tamed, unsuspecting fruit.

The design of the bottle tells the story of the fragrance letter by letter, note by note. It’s like becoming lost in a forest in the dark, where the whole enchanted forest becomes alive. This is a fragrance driven by nature, exempt from any synthetic resemblance.

The cold in the air transform this creation into a sensuous and addictive essence, so I would say this is a perfume that brings out the best when the chimneys sing, however I can see this fragrance being worn on any occasion, year around.

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    Melissa Pham

    Thank you for sharing. I'd like to try it. Hope to hear more from you.

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