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Heavenly Fragrant Recommendation: White Luminous Gold by Michael Kors

White Luminous Gold By Michael Kors Resized

Heavenly Fragrant Recommendation: White Luminous Gold by Michael Kors

White Luminous Gold By Michael Kors

Michael Kors’s rich, gaudy, surreal creations always seem to deliver an extravagant vibe, but White Luminous Gold takes things a step farther and transports you on a lavish party by way of the jasmine courting amber, complete with sweet pear, and an elegant feminine heart that beats ecstatically in the center of this amazingly fragrant story.

Inspired by the relentless desire of women to heighten their feminine birthright, White Luminous Gold opens with a saturated simplicity of sweet pear, symbolizing the early girlhood, femininity in a search of direction. A heart of impossibly rich, savory jasmine note transpires as femininity in its traditional form: gentle, fragile and completely irresistible. And the drydown is womanhood mastered: oriental amber kissing your skin, pillowy soft, dreamy, driven and impossible to manipulate.

Michael Kors’s amber possesses baby powder qualities, for adults only: comfy, cozy, but sexy as hell, with definite nuzzling character.

 As if jewelry launch party were happening in the most lavish boutique, people dressed in the latest fashion mingle with the dazzling of the gold and jewels combo, until all that is left are a million hues of silver, gold and yellow champagne bubbles.

I wholeheartedly suggest you to spend a night with White Luminous Gold. It’s like a speed course in femininity, the one which you cannot fail, for sure.

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