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Scentbird Wellness Spotlights: Energy Upgrade On The Go!


Scentbird Wellness Spotlights: Energy Upgrade On The Go!

March feels better already. Longer days and warmer nights = lots of time outside. The only downside? Low level energy.  Which is why we’ve rounded up our latest wellness edit, a rather versatile recharge-on-the-go mix. There’s Better Days Capsules that live up to the name on the package, a super-healthy coffee replacement, yummy gummy bears and Teami’s tea blend to help sustain the energy you need to take on the day!

HATH Better Days Capsules

Optimize your energy levels with Hath’s Better Days Capsules, a Vegan, Non-GMO blend of super nutrients that work together to prevent the health ramifications of everyday stress. Hemp extract and turmeric are the super anti-inflammatory heroes, while black pepper is added to ensure a proper and complete absorption of the turmeric. Consider Better Days Capsules your shield against life’s inevitable curveballs.

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BIKINI CLEANSE Green Super Tea Blend

You cannot live without your cup of joe but you can live without the jitters? Hear, hear! Green Super Tea Blend combines the best of the two worlds. Their super green leaf blend provides a linear energy boost throughout the day without feeling jittery, all the while the antioxidants warrant a better energy, blood flow and brain function.

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MATCHA BEARS Matcha Bears Ginger

Loved for matcha’s ability to enhance focus, increase energy and boost metabolism, the Matcha Bears brand has developed a more convenient way for people to enjoy the superfood powers of matcha green tea. Though they look like your favorite movie theater snack, Matcha Bears actually provide major nutritional value and an amazing flavor. No guilt trip here.

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TEAMI BLENDS Skinny Tea Blend

An all natural energizing blend of Oolong Tea,Yerba Mate, Lotus Leaf, Lime Leaf Extract, Ginger Root, Rhubarb Root & Jiao Guam, we looove Teami’s tea blend for its carefully selected, hand-picked ingredients, for its ability to boost metabolism, suppress cravings and raise energy levels with no side effects. We’re sure you’ll love it, too!

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Skinnytea Cover Image

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