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Scentbird HQ’s WFH essentials


Scentbird HQ’s WFH essentials

While we work remote and stay safe at home, these are the products that we turn to when we need a boost of productivity.


Mariya, CEO and Founder

Every morning I spray Soleil de Capri by Montale and Stay in. The white floral and citrus combo is basically a quick trip to Italy with all of its Mediterranean goodness, sans the Corona scares.

Soleil De Capri By Montale

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Vice President of Marketing & Owned Brands

Every morning I spray on Versace Bright Crystal, and it makes me feel like I’ve got places to go and people to see. The floral notes remind me of spring in Central Park, and even though I can’t leave the house, Versace Bright Crystal makes me feel like I am already there.

Bright Crystal

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COO and Founder

I spray CONFESSIONS OF A REBEL Almost Single every day, even though I’m working from home because it reminds me of our office. It makes me more organized and productive.

Almost Single

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Director of Product Design

While I’m working from home, I still want to look and feel my best, and using Dolce & Gabbana’s INTENSO every morning makes me feel like I can start the day fresh and smelling like a million bucks! Couple of sprays, and I’m ready to jam.

Intenso Edp By Dolce Gabbana

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