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Elevate Your Shower Routine With Scentbird Shower Collection

Pineapple White Amber Wash

Elevate Your Shower Routine With Scentbird Shower Collection

Lather up with our exclusive shower collection. Made with real fruit extracts, nutrient-rich vitamins and natural exfoliating particles, each product is designed to elevate your shower routine. None of our products use parabens or sulfates, and all are cruelty free. Find all of the products in our shower collection here:

Lucid Gold – Silky Conditioning Wash

Time for a well deserved shesh? You’ll definitely need this lush, liquid gold wash…

A luxurious blend of vanilla, cashmere, and soothing amber is a match made in heaven with a steamy shower – add in 24k gold indulgent formula that leaves a satin-soft sheen all over your body, and you can forget about the existence of a thing called “ a quick shower”.

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Yuzu & Ginger Gentle Exfoliating Wash

This light and refreshing combination of gently-buffing jojoba beads and essential oils makes our hearts and skin sing, but the aroma of exotic yuzu and a hit of ginger is what makes this shower cocktail a real home run. 

At first whiff, it smells like just-peeled orange, but seconds later the ginger spices up the vivacious mix, and that’s it. Cancel your plans for the morning, ‘cause you’re leaving the shower once the water runs cold. 

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Mango & Kiwi Melting Shower Scrub

This exotic shower exfoliator is full of special ingredients, most notably the mango butter which is high in skin-protecting anti-oxidants. And, thanks to its blend of argan scrub particles and sugar extract, it manages to slough off dry patches without being harsh on the skin. We love, love, love it. But our favorite part is the smell – fresh mango and tart kiwi blended together in a fruit cocktail sipped in sunshine.

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Earl Grey & Blackberry Foaming Shower Cream

If a hot shower is one of your favorite evening escapes, then our Earl Grey & Blackberry Foaming Shower Cream will elevate your evening rituals to a whole new level.

That’s because our Foaming Shower Cream lathers up and smells divine – bergamot mingles with  lemon zest to refresh the tea notes here, and contains vitamin E, which is renowned for its rehydrating properties.

Used daily, this shower cream captures moisture and leaves skin ultra-smooth and silky.

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Coconut & Sugar Nourishing Sugar Scrub

As well as smelling as delicious as a Wonka bar, Coconut and sugar offers very thorough exfoliation thanks to sugar grains and ground coconut shells suspended in a creamy smooth formula. Grape seed and sunflower oils help to pamper skin.

Goodbye dead skin cells, hello beach-ready skin.

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Pineapple & White Amber Silky Conditioning Wash

With pineapple fruit extract, amber extract, jojoba oil pearls, our Pineapple & Warm Amber Silky Conditioning Wash is a rich, tropical and luscious experience, all wrapped into one. Summing up the smell of vacation, its aroma conjures the bliss of digging your toes into the sand of your favorite summer destination.

Pair this wash with a relaxing candle for the perfect peaceful escape after a long work day.

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Rose & Prosecco Airy Body Polish

For the romantics in our Scentbird tribe, there is only one combo that will hit all the right notes: the Rose & Prosecco Airy Body Polish. Rose and prosecco are basically a match made in aromatic heaven: floral, fizzy and perfect for whenever, wherever you want to elevate your shower experience.. 

Infused with rose water, rosehip oil and all the botanicals that the skin craves, the body polish is lightweight, super-absorbent and deeply moisturizing. Tick, tick and tick 

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