Sanctuary: Bigger Bottles for a Greater Cause

Sanctuary Effect

Sanctuary: Bigger Bottles for a Greater Cause

We are all in this together. Regardless of so many differences that divide us or similarities that unite us, we all live on the same globe suspended in the vast space. And a single act, no matter how inconsequential it looks on the surface, carried out by one, just one entity on our Pale Blue Dot can be the reason for massive changes. For the better. Some call it the butterfly effect, we call it the Sanctuary effect

We’ve taken our love for fragrances and distilled it in Sanctuary, a sister brand that’s driven by the idea of improving our home, our planet, and our future together, one scent at a time. 

Not an afterthought or an add-on, Sanctuary’s entire business, experience, and every product is designed to support this cause. The brand donates 20% of proceeds from every sale to an organization dedicated to saving each fragrance’s namesake.

Clean formulations, sustainable packaging, and openness is what Sanctuary stands for. On the official website, you can now purchase a full-size bottle of your favorite Sanctuary fragrance, and 20% of proceeds will be donated to an organization dedicated to saving each fragrance’s namesake. 

Clean. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Does good, smells even better. Decide on your fave fragrance and experience the beauty of the Sanctuary effect first-hand:


Red Panda Preview Picture

Typically found in high-altitude forests across the Himalayas and Southwestern China, the playful Red Panda was actually given the “panda” moniker first as they were discovered roughly 50 years before their black-and-white counterparts. Unfortunately, there may be as few as 2,500 remaining in the wild due to factors like deforestation and poaching.

20% from every purchase of a full-size bottle will benefit the Red Panda Network, a group dedicated to restoring and reconnecting the red panda’s forest habitat in Nepal.



Showcasing the dualities of its captivating beauty and its endangered status, Red Panda is an enticing invitation to take the road less traveled. Its path leads straight into a bamboo forest, fresh and dewy, ripe for exploration, intertwined with notes of black currant, carrying you further into the unknown. Vanilla orchid is as playful as the red panda, sandalwood warm and cuddly, and jasmine petals are wild and free. 


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Shutterstock 182308760 2 1920X

Considered one of the rarest big cats in the world, Amur Leopards are native to Russia and China, and can adapt to both extreme heat and cold climates. Due to poaching, they have been listed as critically endangered since 1996, with only 100 estimated to be living in the wild.

20% from every purchase of a full-size bottle will benefit the Amur Leopard Conservation Project of Phoenix Fund, which focuses on increasing the current wild population while establishing a second, separate population in a protected environment.


Amur Leo 2 1 1920X

An homage to one of the most beautiful and most endangered species in the world, Amur Leopard opens with a thrill of the chase: hot spice intercepted with the coolness of crisp apple. The middle is aromatic, fresh, exhilarating, the perfect prelude for the smooth finish of tonka bean, amber and leather wood.

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