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Spotlight on the Acqua Di Parma Le Nobili Collection


Spotlight on the Acqua Di Parma Le Nobili Collection

Translating to ‘The Nobles’ in Italian, Acqua di Parma Le Nobili is one of the most beloved collections in our catalog. Consisting of three majestic perfumes –  Rosa Nobile, Peonia Nobile, and Magnolia Nobile, these utterly feminine fragrances are inspired by the enchanting flowers of the Italian gardens. 

Taking a traditional approach to all things fragrance, the cult brand is renowned for reinventing the conventional florals into understated luxury arrangements: think sumptuous notes, fresh concoctions, and radiant vibes all around. Get to know all three of these beauties: 


Acqua Di Parma Le Nobili

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? It’s possible, especially if that rose is honored in the gorgeous floral mix that is Acqua di Parma’s Rosa Nobile. 

A tribute to what is widely known as “the queen of flowers,” the scent opens with a vivacious burst of sparkling citruses that gives way to a deep, velvety floral heart, courtesy of Italian rose, lily of the valley, violet and gentle peony mix.

The medley of cedar, ambergris, and musk awaits at the perfume base, with all notes coming together for a sensual finish that reflects the beauty of the star note, Centifolia rose, from all of its best angles. A delight for all senses, indeed!

Add it to your queue now:


Acqua Di Parma Le Nobili

By pairing up the delicate yet exuberant peony flowers with notes of spice, musk, raspberry, and amber, Acqua di Parma has created a luxe concoction that exudes sensuality and radiance. 

Using the supple and energetic facets of the peony flower, Peonia establishes a feminine and elegant persona with every note, and every spritz. 

If you like a perfectly balanced fragrance – this is for you. Bold, yet delicate.

Try it now with Scentbird:


Acqua Di Parma Le Nobili

The composition is as bewitchingly sophisticated as it is ravishingly sensual. A stunner right from the opening, thanks to zesty tart top notes, it continues its seductive dance with its white floral heart, leaving nothing but a delicate warmth in its wake.

Come on, close your eyes, breathe in the airy magnolia and citron blend, and just try not to picture Grace Kelly strolling through the lobby of The Plaza, white floral bouquet in hand.

Get it here:

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