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Presenting the season’s bestselling scents

Fall Bestsellers 1

Presenting the season’s bestselling scents

Our latest best selling picks for the season are all about sophisticated accords and blends that sizzle with warmth. Take a peek at the scents that are getting all the love this fall.


Floral Scents

It takes a drizzle of pear juice to transform a heady bouquet of florals into a fragrance that’s unlike anything you’ve tried before. Bella Blanca and its rich mix of lychee, jasmine, and musk results in a perfume that’s both carnal and tamed, which when mixed with your skin chemistry reveals your true side.

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SCENTS OF WOOD Sandalwood in Oak

Sandalwood In Oak

The decadent burnt sugar and vanilla are rich and inviting, but when juxtaposed against the woody notes, the composition gets an earthy, almost weightless quality that conjures Hansel and Gretel’s fantasy forest, altogether with the happy ending. 

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Jason Wu

Designer Jason Wu’s sophisticated first foray in the realm of fine fragrances entrances with a curious fruity, floral, and spicy mix. Opening to a scintillating mix of fig and pink pepper, the heart of this fragrance continues the theme of seduction via peony, lily-of-the-valley, and jasmine sambac before inviting musk in the mix for an utmost sensual finish.

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GUCCI Guilty

Guilty By Gucci

This scent celebrates the chemistry between lilac and pink peppercorn, resulting in one of the sultriest scents ever made. Unsurprisingly spiced-up and floral, this provocative perfume also features peach skin and warm amber, in one come-hither spritz that tempts you in the best way possible. 

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SANCTUARY Amur Leopard 

Amur Leopard By Sanctuary

This thought-provoking eco-conscious cologne is built around two polar opposites: cool crisp apple, pine and rosemary set against a warm leather woods and tonka bean accords, thus conveying in olfactory form the harsh climates this endangered big cat calls home. 

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SCENTS OF WOOD Cedar in Acacia

Cedar In Acacia

The combination of fiery spices with vetiver and sandalwood is especially good when the temperatures take a nosedive. We’re particularly partial to the fact that the olfactive brew was kept in acacia wood barrels, lending it a unique note that is reminiscent of pure poetry in a bottle. 

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ENGLISH LAUNDRY Notting Hill For Men

Notting Hill

Bergamot, pepper, cedar, and musk make for a distinguished and serene English cologne that’s perfect for the festive season. And every other day after. 

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