Perfumes Inspired by the Middle East

Arabian Woman

Perfumes Inspired by the Middle East

Arabian Woman

I wonder how One Thousand and One Arabian Nights would smell like if the story was immortalized in a perfume bottle. I imagine Scheherazade sitting on an overstuffed pillow, with the king Shahryar looking at her in awe, as the room smelled of incense sticks and jasmine.

Her dark hair falls lusciously over her shoulders, and she smells like Mon Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari, while the king is drenched in Tom Ford Noir.

Noir, because the nights belong to lovers…

When you try an Arabian perfume, you are not simply indulging in a perfumed combo of notes. You are indulging your senses in a combination of exotic history, local tradition and love.

The Middle Eastern souks are steeped in scents like Frankincense, jasmine, musk, amber and oud, and these scents are mirrored in the Middle Eastern themed perfumes, the ones we love so much.

Whether they are combined together or the single notes are the leitmotif of the perfume, these following perfumes are carrying the Arabian scent-laden heaven on their heart notes:

Mon Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari

Mon Jasmin Noir By Bvlgari ScentbirdIn its essence, Mon Jasmin Noir is seduction. It is devised with seduction in mind, just like Scheherazade seduced the king with her storytelling abilities. It opens with innocent bouquet of white flowers, preparing the stage for the real jewel: the intoxicating influx of jasmine, with spicy undertones.

There is a faint whisper of sweet nougat, the promise of sweetness, underneath it all…

Notesjasmine flowers, sweet nougat, musk, lily-of-the-valley, virginia cedar

Mon Jasmin Noir By Bvlgari Scentbird Notes

Tom Ford Noir EDT by Tom Ford

Tom Ford Noir Edt By Tom FordThe smell is soft, woody, smoky, with a soft touch of spices & citrus, an epitome of Arabian king in its finest glory.

Tom Ford’s Noir is strong, yet there is feminine touch to it that does not allow it to become overpowering. This is a beautiful, rich, multidimensional perfume which can cater to the needs both of men and women who are tired of one-dimensional, impersonal fragrances.

NotesLemon, Clary Sage, Baie Rose, Lavender Oil, Cardamom

Tom Ford Noir Scentbird Notes

Anthology La Temperance 14 by Dolce&Gabbana

Anthology La Temperance 14 By Dolce&Amp;Gabbana ScentbirdD&G Anthology La Temperance 14 smells like mild and refreshing incense sticks slowly burning in a corner of some room dominated by some light flowers and vanilla cookies.

It is very soft and creamy, inoffensive perfume that becomes so infatuated with your presence, it never leaves your skin to radiate its beauty on others. This smell reveals femininity and sensuality, without being overtly sexual. It’s a modern, romantic and seductive fragrance, which promises you an adventure involving forbidden love.

Notes: Ambrette, Musk, Iris, Pink Pepper, Oriental Notes

Anthology La Temperance 14 By Dolce&Amp;Gabbana Scentbird Notes

Pour Homme Oud Noir EDP by Versace

Pour Homme Oud Noir Edp By Versace ScentbirdSoft, oud and leather themed perfume, suitable for those who are not afraid to climb the mountain and explore the unknown. It is very oriental, inviting, warm, like a spicy meal shared on desert dune, hidden under the covers of colorful tent.

It’s perfect for men who want to impress girls on a night out. It’s perfect for men who want to smell great without suffocating people around them with their knowledge on perfume.

It’s perfect for women who experiment with men cologne. It’s alluring, seductive, sexy and sleek. It’s Lawrence of Arabia in a bottle: adventurous, daring, sexy.

Versace have excelled in honoring the oud: this heavy, resinous accord which speaks of masculinity in the Middle Eastern world.

Notes: Neroli, Black Pepper, Spicy Cardamom, Saffron, Olibanum

Pour Homme Oud Noir Edp By Versace Scentbird Notes

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    Aisha S

    There are different perfumes inspired by the Arabic fragrances, but my favorite would be the floral scent perfumes from Ajmal Perfumes.

  • Avatar Of Nancy


    This list is great. This makes me want to try out some of these. Mon Jasmin seems to be my favorite.

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