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Perfume of the Month November 2020 Oscar de la Renta Bella Essence


Perfume of the Month November 2020 Oscar de la Renta Bella Essence

To kick off festive season 2020, we’ve selected Oscar de la Renta’s Bella Essence fragrance as our November perfume of the month — the bottled equivalent of a woman in love, then multiplied by three.

Bella Essence By Oscar De La Renta

Like an unrestrained ode to a world of opulence that exists in princesses’ fairy tales and occasionally the red carpet, Oscar de la Renta’s Bella Essence evokes the perfect gown that’s the center of that world. In reality, this whimsical perfume is inspired by the masterfully handcrafted embroidery on some of de la Renta’s most popular haute couture creations. 

Suspended somewhere between dream and reality, Bella Essence opens with an offering of raspberry, red currant and grapefruit nectar so fresh and juicy, you can taste it. Light on its feet, the juices drip on a velvety heart of only the finest rose and jasmine petals. The vanilla is soft and in control, never overwhelming or screaming at top volume. Inspired by love, falling in love, staying in love and love only, the ending is whisper-soft where musk and patchouli reign supreme and seal the composition as unforgettable. 

Add Oscar de la Renta’s Bella Essence to your queue now, and experience perfection yourself:

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