Cologne of the Month

Cologne of the Month November 2020 English Laundry Throne


Cologne of the Month November 2020 English Laundry Throne

Get next in line for the Throne, because out of all the colognes in your lineup, our November 2020 Cologne of the Month takes the crown. A cologne fit for a king, Throne is all about the delicious contrast between bright, energizing citrus notes, and the cool, aromatic rush of lavender and florals. The velvet earthiness of woody accords gives the scent a forest floor finish.

Throne By English Laundry

The scent opens big and bold, with vibrant bergamot, green apple and spicy black peppercorn mix commanding full attention. Aromatic lavender mingles with a lush floral heart, which provides equal parts sexyness and staying power. Woody base comes through as the scent adjusts to your skin, evoking a warm vibe, perfect for the upcoming cold(er) months.  

Add it to your queue and take your rightful place on the Throne:

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