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Perfume of the Month for August 2019: beautiful times by Nanette Lepore

Nanette Lepore


Perfume of the Month for August 2019: beautiful times by Nanette Lepore

Nanette Lepore’s beautiful times is a wonderfully vivid and bold expression of feminine vitality. The texture is velvety smooth, with all the notes turned up at the top so they can make a tasteful yet dramatic entrance.

Beautiful times starts with a big, juicy hit of sweet mandarin orange with hints of bitter bergamot that cascades down into a lush and mysterious heart of smoky ylang-ylang and bright, powdery violets.

The best part about wearing this perfume is how deliciously it changes as you wear it – from sweet, ripe fruit to deep florals to a decadent dry down of caramelized sugar and sandalwood.  After all, for a perfume entitled beautiful times, you wouldn’t want it to be anything less than ultra-rich and luxuriously fragrant, right? This is your date night, party, and vacation pick all-in-one.

But maybe you want something that’s a little softer, more downtempo for day wear or a weekend brunch?  Nanette Lepore’s Colors of Nanette is an excellent option for a lighter perfume.

Light and energizing melon and orange top notes cascade into a classic rose and jasmine in the heart, accented by a full, sweet freesia note.  The dry down glides in with smooth blonde woods and silky cashmere musk.

So Nanette Lepore’s definitely got you covered all day and all night with these two stunning perfumes. The longevity is excellent in both of them – you’ll only need to re-apply once late in the afternoon with Colors of Nanette and hardly at all with beautiful times.  Together they make a wonderful, and complimentary perfume pair. 

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