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Cologne of the Month for August 2019: Maritime Journey by Tommy Bahama

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Cologne of the Month for August 2019: Maritime Journey by Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama’s Maritime Journey is a mysterious and refreshing hit of delicious fruits and tangy spices with excellent longevity and a subtle, refined texture that’s addicting as anything.

It opens with an intriguing blend of warm Guatemalan cardamom, clean lavender, and the crisp bite of green apple.  These spicy/smooth/fruity top notes could be a separate cologne all on their own. They excite the senses with three different and complementary experiences, making Maritime Journey your instant go-to option when you want others to notice your fragrance selection for the day.

The heart notes continue with another complimentary trio of violets, wild orchids, and fiery coriander for contrast.  The bright floral heat coming out of the heart of this fragrance is inviting, balanced, and warm. The hints of cardamom and coriander against lavender and violets also make Maritime Journey a fantastic hot-weather wear – this fragrance is loaded with a spicy, cool, and refreshing energy that lasts for hours without getting loud or screechy. 

The dry down is a light combination of dry cedar and plush moss that echoes the floral luxury and spice infusions nicely as it fades on the skin. 

If you’ve never heard of Tommy Bahama’s fragrance line, Maritime Journey is a top-shelf example of why this brand is so popular and sought-out by discerning fragrance fans.  You owe it to yourself to experience how masterfully the composition is put together and especially when you discover how much attention you’ll get when you wear it. One or two sprays is enough for the whole day – no need to go big, just enjoy the refined and addictive quality this scent presents from the start. 

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