Perfume Horoscope

Perfume Horoscope: Matching Stars with Fragrance Notes and Zodiac Traits

Perfume Horoscope

Perfume Horoscope: Matching Stars with Fragrance Notes and Zodiac Traits

Perfume And Horoscope

Back in the old days, when people didn’t have computers, television, radio and no smartphones either (no, they didn’t call this period The Dark Age because there were no LED lights to show them the way home at night), they often looked at the stars for both entertaining and visionary purposes.

Thanks to the positioning of the stars, they could predict the change of the season and the possible wrath of Mother Earth (she’s a woman too, you know).

But they could also tell a lot about a person by the positioning of the stars at the moment of this person’s birth.

So, since we concluded that the stars are incredibly smart, is there a chance that they know what kind of perfumes suit us best?


Before you storm at the balcony and start yelling at the stars: Should I go with D&G or Versace, allow me to assure you that there is an easier way: Matching the defining traits of every horoscope sign with the respective quality traits of certain perfumes.

For instance, Aries are known as cheerful, energizing and stimulating, so they need a fragrance that matches this energy of theirs.

And Scorpios are known for being mysterious, dark and just a bit intimidating, thus not smelling as such will be disappointing.

Perfume Horoscope

According to the Universe (yes, let’s blame it all on the Universe, it’s not like it can defend itself), the Water Element Horoscope Signs are mellow, emotional, sensitive, a.k.a. Drama Queens.

The Fire Element signs are energetic and overwhelming (guilty as charged) hence, it looks like we are all made of stars, but we do not shine with the same intensity.

The sky above us says that there are specific styles and fragrant notes that attract us more than others, therefore, what do you say about us testing this claim?

I will dedicate the next 12 entries on perfumes and horoscope signs.

Read what the Universe says about the perfume you should be wearing in order to fulfill the stellar prophecy of the star under which you were born.

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