CANCER June 22 – July 21 The Hopeless Romantic

Element: WATER

Cancer is the ONLY sign in the zodiac ruled by the Moon, so women born under this sign are special. They are loving, caring and utterly sensitive.

If you’re a Cancer, you are tender-hearted, family-oriented, artistic, creative, and a diligent worker.

Your ruler is the Moon, symbol of imagination and motherhood.

Cancer women are overly sensitive, so she prefers the comfort provided by her home and the imagination unfolding in her mind, rather than the reality taking place outside, in the real world.

However, once she conquers this fear of the great unknown, she becomes adventurous and free spirited. Catch me if you can, she dares the world…

In love, Cancer woman is a hopeless romantic. She dreams of security and forever ever after love affair. She never stops believing in soul mates, true loves and the ONE…

Astrological Power Scents of Cancer Woman:

Being hopeless romantic herself, woman born under this Zodiac sign is attracted to equally romantic scents: the ones dominated by nostalgic, flowery notes and a love message. The scent that Cancer chooses is like beautiful memories, something sweet and intoxicating. This horoscope sign chooses simple scents because she perceives the perfume as an extension of herself.

I Love Love by Moschino is a perfume that tells the story of forever-lasting love, of promise and affection. Sensual scent for the sensual women…

When it’s time to pull out the big guns, or when you are in a need of reaching for your secret weapon, use Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder. It’s soft, sensual yet powerful scent that leaves its mark upon the skin and the heart of those coveted by you.

Ready to dazzle the world? Wear F For Fascinating Night by Salvatore Ferragamo, and be sure you will bedazzle Mr. Charming!

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