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Perfume Picks For Cancers

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Perfume Picks For Cancers

CANCER June 22 – July 21

Element: WATER

People born under the sign of Cancer are some of the most empathetic, private people you’ll ever meet. They keep their own counsel, preferring to be there for others rather than take center stage, and are fiercely loyal to family and friends. The fragrances selections for Cancer are understated, sophisticated and make a subtle statement.

Here are our picks for the best and brightest…

Anyway by Juliette Has A Gun

Cancer kicks off the summer season on the zodiac, and this cheerful, flamboyant number by Juliette Has A Gun  is a perfect match. Aн addictive duo of neroli and lime introduce the aroma of Anyway. Floral notes of jasmine round out the heart notes, which dries down to a musky base of musk, hedione and ambrox.

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Jason Wu by Jason Wu

We like to think of Cancers as the Netflix-and-chillers of the zodiac, and Jason Wu’s scent captures this sign’s dichotomy perfectly: jasmine and peony make for a beautiful blend, but there is also a spiciness of pink peppercorn and a hint of musk that you’ll just adore.

A fan fave, to enjoy Jason Wu’s perfume, click here and add it to your queue now:

Beatrix by Caswell-Massey

Rose, bergamot, fig and a hint of mossy vetiver infuse this scent with  together to play up a rather polished, ladylike side of Cancer. A delightfully uplifting fragrance, Beatrix is pure class, and perfect for summer drinks.

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  1. Violette

    Many of the points here are matching with the zodiac-description on, which I think is the best one I ever read. So I will definitely try these fragrances. Thanks! Violette

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