CANCER June 22 – July 21 The Hopeless Romantic

Element: WATER

The fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer is the only sign in the zodiac ruled by the Moon. Crabs are characterized as sensitive, family-oriented and sentimental. Cancer women are fiercely protective, emotional, and known as mama-bears among stargazers.

In love, Cancer woman is a hopeless romantic. She dreams of security and the forever-after love affair.

Astrological Power Scents of Cancer Woman:

Woman born under this zodiac sign are attracted to equally amorous scents: those dominated by, nostalgic, floral notes that easily catch their lover’s’ attention. We think you’ll love these:

Maya by TOCCA

This explosion of floral hits all the right notes. The scent is an homage to iris, but its powdery floweriness is enhanced by a lush combo of blackcurrant and jasmine.

scentbirdViolette by Molinard

Cancers may have a reputation as the Netflix-and-chillers of the zodiac, but don’t be surprised if they exhibit a wild side, too. Violette by Molinard captures this sign’s dichotomy perfectly: the violet and iris make for a beautiful blend, but there is also a  tartness of the green apple and hint of bergamot you’ll just love.

scentbirdSignorina in Fiore by Salvatore Ferragamo

Cherry blossom, jasmine and just the tiniest hint of musk mix together to bring out the extroverted side of Cancer. A delightfully light and uplifting fragrance, Signorina is addictive and glamorous and perfect for summer party season!

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