Perfume of the Day

Perfume of the Day: Versense by Versace


Perfume of the Day: Versense by Versace

Versace Versense Perfume

Versense woman learns how to balances the life’s equilibrium. Every day, she writes a diary of gratitude. She is grateful for her life, her support system, her happiness…

She loves the feeling of freshness, the feeling of the water’s heaviness, the purity of her mind, soul and body.

Her perfect date is a stroll through a botanic garden, where the traits of the plants can be felt through their smell and unique colors. These smells create a labyrinth, a place where you can simply lose yourself to the feeling of utter pleasure. The color green, the color of rebirth…

Versense woman’s strongest personality trait is her forbearance, her addictive laughter and her compassion.

Although Versace’s Versense perfume is an epitome of freshness and lightness, it mustn’t be labeled as strictly spring/summer fragrance.

In fact, its perfect fusion of nonchalance and energy make it a perfect fall/winter day perfume.

I recommend this perfume for the women who are on the lookout for a vibrant, elegant and fresh office perfume. It will surely get you through another day at the office by transporting you on an island in the Mediterranean, where time stands still, and your eyes are saturated by the emerald color.

Notes: bergamot, virginia cedar, mandarin orange, cardamom, figs!

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