Perfume of the Day

Perfume of the Day: Toujours Glamour by Moschino

Toujours Glamour Perfume By Moschino

Perfume of the Day: Toujours Glamour by Moschino

Toujours Glamour Perfume By Moschino

Toujours Glamour woman is fascinating. She is outgoing, she is the sun towards which all of the social stars are gravitating to…

She is self-dedicated without being selfish, she works on her goals without bursting someone else’s bubbles of hope she stumbles upon on her way up…

Toujours Glamour woman is an alchemist. She is creative, she can create something out of nothing, and she knows that a single desire can spark a bush-fire of emotions.

She knows that Cupid has a wobbling hand, so she makes thing easier for him, wearing her heart on her sleeve…

She is an idealist in a world ruled by realists, so daydreaming is her own revolutionary act, an act of rebellion…

This is how Moschino’s Toujours Glamour perfume will make you feel: Elegant, Classy, Naughty!

Notes: red currant, violet leaf, cardamom, almond, lily of the valley, jasmine, heliotrope, musk and benzoin.

Style: Dynamic perfume which alters with every second that spends mingling with your skin, impossible of being accused of chemical boredom…

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