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Perfume of the Day: Stars Eau de Parfum by Jimmy Choo


Perfume of the Day: Stars Eau de Parfum by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Stars Perfume

Jimmy Choo’s Stars woman is a secret comic book hero and fun is her sidekick. She knows having fun rocks and music rolls you, sways you and engulfs you with euphoria.

Her fashion sense is no-nonsense, she is always unique, she is always herself. If life forces her to show her claws, she will always make sure her nails are perfectly painted in red.

She is playful, fearless and never takes no for an answer. She wants it all, and she wants it now. But she doesn’t stop at wishful thinking. She will make a strategy, work hard and make sure to reach her goals.

You will find Stars woman partying hard at a nightclub and taking it easy at yoga class. You will find her laughing with her friends, shopping, enjoying life!

You will recognize her by the impeccable spark in her eyes, her impeccable high heels paired with leather jacket with studs, her impeccable music taste and her impeccable playful aura.

Jimmy Choo’s Stars perfume gives women all around the world the nod to enjoy life and live it like there is no tomorrow. It is a license to thrill, to find their inner voice, to reinvent their style!

Notes: orange, candied orange, orchid, toffee, sandalwood and patchouli.

Style: A high class perfume from an haute-couture designer for the women who aim high in life! Walking in high heels just make you a tad closer to your aims, you know?

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