Perfume of the Day

Perfume of the Day: Sexy Amber by Michael Kors


Perfume of the Day: Sexy Amber by Michael Kors

Sexy Amber Michael Kors Perfume

Sexy Amber woman is free to think and act, so she enjoys her liberty. She is the ultimate fashion chameleon, yet her convictions are unshakeable.

She doesn’t need to dress up in order to feel sexy, she feels her magnetism, however she loves playing dress up.

You will often see her standing in front of her wardrobe with a lamenting expression on her face, exclaiming that she has nothing to wear.

But in a nick of time, she pulls a rabbit out of a hat, and she looks amazing again.

She has men wrapped around her finger, ready to conquer seven seas for her love, yet the only thing she truly needs is someone who understands who she is, underneath all of the layers.

Sexy Amber woman is sexy indeed, flirty, intoxicating, with a heavy dose of no-nonsense attitude.

Michael Kors’s Sexy Amber perfume is heavily seductive, so I suggest to pair it with a hot summer night, or a cozy winter evening, a glass of wine and your sexiest attitude. Let the perfume do the rest of the talking…

Notes: amber, white flowers and sandalwood.

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