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Perfume of the Day: Pleats Please by Issey Miyake


Perfume of the Day: Pleats Please by Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake Pleats Please Perfume

Pleats Please woman is energetic, bouncy and dances to the tunes produced by the pink cotton candy clouds.

Dancing is her way of surviving. She dances while she sips her morning coffee, she dances the pain away, she dances the night away…

She dances while she walks on the streets, muting the sharp noises of the urban world. She dances on her balcony, receiving accolades for her moves by the gossiping moon.

She bounces, she jumps, she laughs, she has enough energy to power this Universe. Or maybe it is the Universe that powers her.

Sometimes she is a marionette in the hands of destiny, and sometimes she is her own choreographer.

What matters the most is that she never stops ungluing her feet from the floor, that she never stops being a slave to the rhythm set by the boiling blood in her veins.

This is how Issey Miyake’s Pleats Please perfume will make you feel: Happy, Optimistic, Vibrant…

Notes: Nashi fruit, peony, sweet pea, Indole, patchouli, cedar, vanilla absolute and white musk.

Style: Exuberantly vibrant perfume that brings out the best in every woman!

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